Full-service virtual tax services for individuals & small businesses

Providing accurate, timely and affordable tax planning and preparation

Full-service virtual tax services for individuals & small businesses

Providing accurate, timely and affordable tax planning and preparation

Tax preparation services

Accuracy and responsiveness are my promises to you. At KB Financial Planning, I offer virtual tax preparation and filing of federal and state returns for individuals and businesses. I also offer bookkeeping, payroll and 1099 filings on a limited basis. For step-by-step guidance on how to retain my services, please see the tax preparation guide.

*Not accepting C-Corp clients at this time. Other entity filings are accepted on a case-by-case basis

What I believe:

  • Tax preparation is more than just data entry and you’re more than just numbers on a page
  • Your time and unique financial situation deserve my respect and personal attention
  • We’re a team – I’m on your side and will advocate for your success
  • Communication and transparency are critical to our working relationship

My office operates:

  • With intention. I maintain year-round contact with clients and value deliverables over deadlines
  • Virtually unless strictly necessary for local clients
  • By appointment only during peak tax season months (February – April & October)

My clients understand:

  • Your commitment to keeping me informed about your financial matters allows me to give you the advice you need, want and expect
  • My time, like yours, is valuable. A 50% retainer fee is required prior to tax preparation services being rendered in order to reduce no-shows
  • KB Financial Planning is not a franchise nor a low-cost leader and does not negotiate fees
  • I am unwilling to push the legal limits of the law and adhere strictly to the ethics, practices and procedures outlined in Circular 230 and to the AFCPE® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Please review the range of fees below. Pricing is intended to reflect the complexity of your tax filing and fees are primarily form based. Hourly billing will apply for those with multiple complexities, excessive documents, unusual circumstances, or whose returns require additional research.

Tax preparation | pricing varies

Individual filing starts at $300; small business filings are $400 and up.

Tax resolution | $175/hr

Audit support, letter response drafting, and other resolution services are billed hourly

  • Individual, sole proprietorship, partnership and S-Corp filings

  • Amendments, extension filings, and outdated return completion

  • Resident, part-year resident and non-resident state returns

  • Military tax filings, including multi-state, Military Spouse Residency Relief Act, and section 121 capital gains exclusions

  • Bookkeeping, payroll and 1099 filings are available as a separate engagement

kb financial planning

Specializing in military tax issues

Servicemembers have unique filing needs and requirements and should work directly with a tax professional who understands those complexities clearly and fully. Whether you have recently returned from deployment, completed a PCS move, bought or sold a rental property or retired, I have extensive knowledge of the federal and state tax laws surrounding each of those issues and more.

I specialize in multi-state returns and returns utilizing the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act, ensuring your income is properly allocated and excluded as applicable no matter your home of record, state of legal residency, or assignment location. I have helped hundreds of military filers to complete amendments to recoup state taxes that were improperly assessed, often working directly with a state’s Department of Revenue to further ensure compliance.

virtual tax services for individuals
2024 1st Quarter estimated tax payment deadline

Average Fee Ranges

Situations that can impact return fees

  • You sell a home or rental, or have K-1 income from a partnership, S corporation, trust or estate
  • You have over $10,000 in foreign financial accounts
  • You have income from more than 2 states
  • You need to correct missed depreciation (Form 3115), file a gift tax return, report an installment sale or 1031 exchange
  • You have multiple rental properties or small businesses
  • Your record keeping is disorganized